5 Best Diesel Fuel Additives for CP4 Engines – Boost Performance and Protect Your Engine

If you've noticed decreased fuel efficiency and power in your CP4 engine, consider the impact of using quality diesel fuel additives. These products can help address common issues like injector coking and lubrication problems, potentially saving you from costly repairs down the line.

As you strive to optimize your engine's performance and longevity, exploring the 5 best diesel fuel additives for CP4 engines can be a game-changer. The right additive could be the key to unlocking hidden potential in your vehicle, ensuring smooth operation and enhanced durability.

Power Service 3025-12 Diesel Kleen+Cetane Boost, 32 Fluid Ounces, 12 Pack

If you're looking to boost cetane levels and improve fuel economy in your CP4 engine, the Power Service 3025-12 Diesel Kleen+Cetane Boost is the ideal choice for you. This fuel additive not only cleans dirty injectors and prevents injector sticking but is also effective in all diesel fuels, including ULSD, biodiesel, and blends. By boosting cetane up to 6 numbers, it enhances power, reduces downshifting, and restores lost power and fuel economy.

Users have reported an increase in fuel mileage by 1.5-2 miles per gallon, making it a popular choice endorsed by Cummins for improved performance. Whether you have an RV, diesel generator, hydronic furnace, or other diesel-powered vehicles, the Power Service 3025-12 can provide a noticeable improvement in engine performance and smoother operation.

Best For: Diesel vehicle owners looking to boost cetane levels, improve fuel economy, and enhance engine performance.


  • Cleans dirty injectors and prevents injector sticking
  • Boosts cetane up to 6 numbers for increased power and fuel efficiency
  • Endorsed by Cummins for improved performance


  • Not suitable for use as a winterizer or antigel

XADO Xtreme DPF Cleaner for Heavy Duty Machinery

For heavy-duty machinery equipped with Diesel Particulate Filters, XADO Xtreme DPF Cleaner offers a specialized solution to efficiently remove soot particles and enhance filter performance without the need for disassembly. Specifically designed for commercial diesel vehicles, this product cleans and regenerates the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) without requiring any dismantling.

To use, simply add the necessary amount into the fuel tank before refueling and drive the vehicle as usual. XADO Xtreme DPF Cleaner is effective for light to medium blockages of the DPF and is recommended for use after every 5,000 km. With a weight of 1.12 pounds and compact dimensions of 6.5 x 3 x 3 inches, this XADO product is a convenient and practical choice for maintaining DPF health in heavy-duty machinery.

Best For: Commercial diesel vehicle owners looking to efficiently clean and regenerate their Diesel Particulate Filter without disassembly.


  • Removes and dissolves soot particles from blocked filters
  • Increases DPF lifespan
  • Specifically created for heavy-duty machinery equipped with DPF


  • Effective for light to medium blockages only

Howes Diesel Treat Anti-Gel and Fuel Lubricator Casepack (32-Ounce Bottles)

Ideal for diesel vehicle owners seeking enhanced engine performance and injector protection, the Howes Diesel Treat Anti-Gel and Fuel Lubricator Casepack offers a convenient solution in a pack of six 32-ounce bottles.

This product serves as an anti-gel and diesel fuel lubricator, providing essential lubrication for injectors in older diesel engines while preventing diesel gelling. It's particularly suitable for preventative maintenance in diesel vehicles and tractors.

Customer feedback indicates a positive reception, with users praising improved engine performance and injector protection. Available at competitive prices, especially in local farm stores during early winter months, this Howes product is a reliable choice for maintaining your diesel engine's health. Remember to follow the recommended usage tips for optimal results and consider this option for your diesel engine care needs.

Best For: Diesel vehicle owners looking to improve engine performance and protect injectors.


  • Provides essential lubrication for injectors in older diesel engines.
  • Prevents diesel gelling, ensuring smooth engine operation.
  • Suitable for preventative maintenance in diesel vehicles and tractors.


  • May not be cost-effective for those with newer diesel engines.

Hot Shots Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment 4 Ounce 24 Pack (HSSEDT04Z24)

Boosting cetane up to 7 points and improving fuel economy, Hot Shots Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment 4 Ounce 24 Pack (HSSEDT04Z24) is the top choice for enhancing performance in CP4 engines. This daily engine care solution treats up to 400 gallons of diesel fuel, keeping injectors clean, providing lubrication, neutralizing acids, and preventing rust and corrosion. Its ashless formula contains a cetane booster, lubricity protection, injector cleaner, corrosion inhibitor, demulsifier, and stabilizers. Users appreciate its positive impact on fuel economy, power increase, noise reduction, and smoke improvement in various vehicle models. With no adverse effects on the engine and compliance with low sulfur content requirements, this product is highly rated by customers for its effectiveness in maintaining diesel engine performance across different diesel vehicles.

Best For: Diesel vehicle owners looking to improve fuel economy, boost cetane levels, and maintain engine performance effectively.


  • Boosts cetane up to 7 points for improved fuel economy.
  • Keeps injectors clean and provides lubrication.
  • Prevents rust, corrosion, and neutralizes acids in the engine.


  • Some users have mentioned concerns about the bottle cap sealing and pouring design.

Performance Formula One Shot Diesel Fuel Treatment (Case of 24 Bottles)

If you're looking to enhance the performance and efficiency of your CP4 engine, the Performance Formula One Shot Diesel Fuel Treatment is a reliable choice. This treatment restores and increases horsepower by cleaning injection system deposits, leading to improved engine performance. Additionally, it reduces fuel consumption by up to 9.6% and enhances MPG by 4%, providing cost savings in the long run.

The cetane improver in this treatment enhances combustion, further boosting engine efficiency. By reducing wear and restoring lubricity to diesel fuels, this formula helps extend the life of your engine. Moreover, it effectively reduces emissions, smoke, and particulates, contributing to a cleaner environment. With its comprehensive benefits and positive customer reviews, this treatment is a valuable addition to your fuel maintenance routine.

Best For: Diesel vehicle owners looking to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency.


  • Restores/increases horsepower and cleans injection system deposits.
  • Reduces fuel consumption by up to 9.6% and improves MPG by 4%.
  • Enhances combustion for better engine performance and reduces emissions.


  • May not be suitable for all diesel engine types.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Diesel Fuel Additives for Cp4

When choosing diesel fuel additives for your CP4 engine, you should consider factors like:

  • Cp4 additive compatibility
  • Performance enhancement benefits
  • Injector system maintenance
  • Fuel efficiency improvement
  • Engine protection assurance

These points play a crucial role in maintaining the optimal performance and longevity of your engine, ensuring smooth operations and cost-effective maintenance in the long run.

Make informed decisions based on these factors to maximize the benefits of using diesel fuel additives for your CP4 engine.

Cp4 Additive Compatibility

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your CP4 high-pressure fuel injection system, selecting a diesel fuel additive that's compatible with CP4 engines is crucial.

When choosing an additive, ensure it's specifically formulated for modern diesel engines equipped with CP4 pumps to maximize efficiency. Look for additives that offer lubrication and protection to CP4 components, helping to extend their lifespan and maintain peak performance.

Opt for products that are designed to clean and upkeep CP4 injectors for efficient fuel delivery. Additionally, prioritize additives that are safe for use in CP4 systems to prevent any potential issues or failures.

Performance Enhancement Benefits

Consider the performance enhancement benefits of diesel fuel additives when selecting the right one for your CP4 engine. These additives can clean injectors, reduce emissions, and improve fuel combustion. By boosting cetane levels, they increase power, enhance fuel economy, and ensure smoother engine operation.

Additionally, some additives offer lubrication to fuel pumps and injectors, safeguarding them from wear and extending their lifespan. They also prevent injector sticking, restore lost power, and reduce downshifting, leading to an overall improvement in engine performance.

Designed to work with various diesel fuels like ULSD, biodiesel, and blends, these additives are versatile and beneficial for different types of diesel vehicles.

Injector System Maintenance

Explore the importance of maintaining your CP4 engine's injector system by selecting diesel fuel additives that cater to its specific needs. Regular use of additives can prevent clogs and ensure optimal fuel delivery, while those with lubricating properties protect injectors from wear and tear, extending their lifespan.

Additives that boost cetane levels enhance combustion, improving engine performance and fuel efficiency. Opt for products containing detergents to remove deposits and maintain smooth fuel flow.

Proper maintenance through diesel fuel additives contributes to reduced emissions and overall engine health. Prioritize injector system care to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently, benefiting both performance and longevity.

Fuel Efficiency Improvement

When selecting diesel fuel additives for CP4 engines to improve fuel efficiency, prioritize formulations that reduce engine deposits, enhance combustion, and boost cetane levels.

These additives can optimize fuel burn, leading to better mileage and reduced fuel consumption. Look for additives that clean injectors and maintain the fuel system for optimal function, contributing to improved fuel efficiency.

Enhanced lubrication properties in additives reduce engine friction, aiding in smoother operation and better fuel economy. Additionally, consider additives with corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers to uphold fuel quality, preventing issues that may affect engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Engine Protection Assurance

For effective protection of your CP4 engine, prioritize diesel fuel additives that safeguard against wear and damage to critical components such as the high-pressure fuel pump and injectors. Look for additives with lubricity properties to ensure proper lubrication, reducing the risk of premature wear.

Effective additives should also help prevent corrosion in the fuel system, maintaining its integrity and performance. Choose products that offer detergency features to clean and upkeep the fuel system, ensuring optimal fuel delivery.

Additionally, opt for additives with anti-foaming agents to prevent air entrainment and maintain proper fuel flow within CP4 systems. By selecting additives that cover these aspects, you can enhance the longevity and efficiency of your engine.

Diesel Emission Reduction

To ensure optimal diesel emission reduction in CP4 engines, consider key factors when selecting diesel fuel additives that target harmful emissions and enhance combustion efficiency. Diesel fuel additives play a crucial role in reducing particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons emitted from diesel engines.

These additives are designed to improve the combustion process, leading to cleaner exhaust emissions and aiding in meeting stringent emission standards. By focusing on specific emissions components like soot particles, additives can effectively minimize their formation and impact on air quality.

Utilizing diesel fuel additives not only enhances environmental sustainability but also contributes to lowering pollution levels from diesel-powered vehicles and machinery. Make an informed choice to reduce emissions and promote cleaner air with the right diesel fuel additives for CP4 engines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Diesel Fuel Additives Be Used in All Types of Diesel Engines, or Are They Specifically Designed for CP4 Engines?

Diesel fuel additives can be used in all types of diesel engines. They are not specifically designed only for CP4 engines. Adding fuel additives can enhance performance, improve fuel efficiency, and protect your engine.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects or Risks Associated With Using Diesel Fuel Additives in CP4 Engines?

Using diesel fuel additives in CP4 engines may pose risks like clogging filters or damaging components. To avoid issues, research additives compatible with CP4 engines, follow manufacturer guidelines, and monitor engine performance closely.

How Often Should Diesel Fuel Additives Be Used in a CP4 Engine to Maintain Optimal Performance and Engine Protection?

To maintain optimal performance and engine protection in a CP4 engine, you should use diesel fuel additives regularly. They help clean and lubricate essential components, so aim for adding them every time you fill up.

Can Diesel Fuel Additives Help Improve Fuel Efficiency in CP4 Engines, in Addition to Boosting Performance and Protecting the Engine?

Yes, diesel fuel additives can improve fuel efficiency in CP4 engines. They not only boost performance and protect your engine but also help enhance fuel economy. Regular use can maximize efficiency, keeping your engine running smoothly.

Are There Any Compatibility Issues to Be Aware of When Using Multiple Different Diesel Fuel Additives in a CP4 Engine?

When using multiple diesel fuel additives in a CP4 engine, be cautious of compatibility issues. Mixing different additives can sometimes lead to unexpected reactions, potentially causing harm to your engine. It's best to consult with a professional before experimenting.


In conclusion, choosing the right diesel fuel additive for your CP4 engine is crucial for boosting performance and protecting your engine. Consider factors such as cetane boost, lubrication, anti-gel properties, and DPF cleaning when making your selection.

The top 5 additives mentioned in this article offer a range of benefits to help keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. Make sure to do your research and choose the best additive for your specific needs.