5 Best Diesel Fuel Additives to Boost Your Engine’s Performance

When it comes to your engine’s performance, you know that the saying ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ holds true.

But with so many diesel fuel additives available, how do you know which ones are the best for boosting your engine’s capabilities?

Let’s explore five top-notch additives that can take your engine’s performance to the next level, ensuring optimal efficiency and power output.

Performance Formula One Shot Diesel Fuel Additive (Case of 24 Bottles)

For those seeking to boost engine performance and fuel efficiency, the Performance Formula One Shot Diesel Fuel Additive (Case of 24 Bottles) stands out as a top choice. This additive is designed to restore and increase horsepower by effectively cleaning injection system deposits. By reducing fuel consumption by up to 9.6% and improving MPG by 4%, it provides tangible benefits for your vehicle.

The cetane improver enhances combustion, leading to better engine performance, while also reducing wear and restoring lubricity to diesel fuels. Additionally, this additive helps in reducing emissions, smoke, and particulates, contributing to a cleaner environment.

With its ability to meet all engine fuel system requirements, clean and protect injection system components, and stabilize fuel while preventing gum formation, this product is a reliable option for enhancing your diesel engine’s performance.

Best For: Those looking to improve their diesel engine’s performance and fuel efficiency with a trusted and effective fuel additive.


  • Restores and increases horsepower by cleaning injection system deposits.
  • Reduces fuel consumption by up to 9.6% and improves MPG by 4%.
  • Meets all engine fuel system requirements and stabilizes fuel while preventing gum formation.


  • May not be suitable for all types of diesel engines.

Power Service 3025-12 Diesel Kleen+Cetane Boost, 32 Fluid Ounces, 12 Pack

If you’re looking to enhance the performance of your diesel engine, consider the Power Service 3025-12 Diesel Kleen+Cetane Boost, a top choice for optimizing fuel efficiency and engine power. This additive cleans dirty injectors, prevents injector sticking, and is effective in all diesel fuels, including ULSD, biodiesel, and blends.

It boosts cetane up to 6 numbers, resulting in increased power, reduced downshifting, and restored power and fuel economy. Users have reported a mileage increase of 1.5-2 miles per gallon and endorse it for improved performance, especially in RVs and other diesel-powered vehicles.

The Power Service 3025-12 is a cost-effective 12-pack option suitable for various diesel vehicles, offering increased lubrication to fuel injectors for potentially extended life.

Best For: Those seeking to improve fuel efficiency and engine power in their diesel vehicles.


  • Effectively cleans dirty injectors and prevents sticking
  • Boosts cetane up to 6 numbers for increased power and fuel economy
  • Economical 12-pack option suitable for various diesel vehicles


  • Not intended for use as a diesel fuel winterizer or antigel

Red Line 70802 85 Plus Diesel Fuel Additives – 12 Ounce (12 Pack)

Enhancing engine performance for all diesel engines, the Red Line 70802 85 Plus Diesel Fuel Additives offer a comprehensive solution for optimizing fuel combustion and lubrication. Designed to compensate for low-sulfur fuels, this product contains a cetane booster for added power, promoting better fuel combustion and system lubrication.

Each 12-ounce bottle treats up to 100 gallons per tank, with a pack of 12 bottles included. The additive includes powerful lubricants, detergents, seal conditioners, and rust preventatives, as well as cetane improvers that boost fuel cetane numbers. It reduces wear in low sulfur fuel by 75%, complies with federal low sulfur content requirements, and cleans fuel injectors with high-temperature detergents.

With the potential to increase power and efficiency by 5%, it’s also available in a winterized version for reduced fuel pour point.

Best For: Those looking to improve fuel efficiency and engine performance in all diesel engines.


  • Boosts fuel combustion and system lubrication
  • Reduces wear in low sulfur fuel by 75%
  • Increases power and efficiency by 5%


  • May require multiple bottles for larger fuel tanks

Opti-Lube XPD All Seasons Diesel Fuel Additive (1 Gallon)

To maximize engine performance and fuel efficiency, consider using Opti-Lube XPD All Seasons Diesel Fuel Additive, a cost-effective solution that enhances lubrication and cleans injectors for trucks, farm, and construction equipment. This additive treats up to 512 gallons of diesel fuel, providing year-round benefits such as improved fuel economy and enhanced overall vehicle performance. It effectively cleans injectors, prevents build-up, and demulsifies water from the fuel. Opti-Lube XPD also offers anti-gel properties for cold weather conditions, ensuring optimal engine operation in various climates.

With positive customer feedback highlighting increased power, improved fuel efficiency, and injector cleanliness, this additive proves to be a valuable addition to your maintenance routine. Consider adding Opti-Lube XPD to your fuel tank to experience the benefits firsthand.

Best For:

Opti-Lube XPD All Seasons Diesel Fuel Additive is best for truck owners, farmers, and construction equipment operators looking to enhance engine performance and fuel efficiency.


  • Enhances lubrication and cleans injectors effectively
  • Improves fuel economy year-round
  • Provides anti-gel properties for cold weather conditions


  • Some concerns over international shipping costs

Hot Shots Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment 4 Ounce 24 Pack (HSSEDT04Z24)

For diesel engine owners seeking a comprehensive daily care solution to boost cetane, improve fuel economy, and reduce maintenance cycles, the Hot Shots Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment 4 Ounce 24 Pack (HSSEDT04Z24) is a reliable choice. This additive treats up to 400 gallons of diesel fuel, enhancing injector cleanliness, providing lubrication, neutralizing acids, and preventing rust and corrosion. With components like cetane booster, lubricity protection, injector cleaner, corrosion inhibitor, demulsifier, and stabilizers, this ashless formula has no adverse effects on the engine and complies with low sulfur content requirements. Suitable for various diesel engines including agricultural, construction, vehicles, marine vehicles, racing vehicles, RVs, semi-trucks, and small engines, this product has received positive user feedback for its effectiveness in maintaining engine performance and improving fuel economy.

Best For: Customers looking for a versatile diesel engine treatment solution that boosts performance and fuel efficiency across a wide range of diesel vehicles and equipment.


  • Boosts cetane up to 7 points, improving fuel economy.
  • Treats up to 400 gallons of diesel fuel, maintaining injector cleanliness.
  • Prevents rust, corrosion, and other engine issues related to low sulfur diesel fuel.


  • Some users may find packaging concerns with bottle cap sealing and pouring design.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Diesel Fuel Additives

When choosing diesel fuel additives, consider key benefits like:

  • Fuel efficiency improvement
  • Engine performance enhancement
  • Emissions reduction technology
  • Compatibility with your vehicles

These factors play a crucial role in maximizing the effectiveness of the additive and ensuring optimal performance of your engine.

Make informed decisions based on these points to select the right diesel fuel additive for your specific needs.

Key Additive Benefits

When considering diesel fuel additives, it’s essential to evaluate the key benefits they offer for enhancing engine performance. These additives can significantly improve fuel economy by up to 9.6% and boost MPG by 4%, leading to cost savings over time.

Moreover, they enhance combustion efficiency, resulting in better engine performance and increased power output. Diesel fuel additives also play a crucial role in maintaining engine health by cleaning fuel injectors, preventing deposits, and reducing wear on engine components. Some additives even contain cetane boosters, which improve ignition quality and help reduce harmful emissions.

Additionally, these additives can demulsify water, prevent corrosion, and stabilize fuel, promoting overall vehicle performance and longevity.

Fuel Efficiency Improvement

Consider key factors when selecting diesel fuel additives to improve fuel efficiency and enhance engine performance.

Diesel fuel additives play a crucial role in boosting fuel efficiency by reducing fuel consumption and increasing miles per gallon (MPG). Additives with cetane boosters improve fuel ignition and combustion, ultimately enhancing efficiency.

Additionally, additives containing lubricity enhancers can decrease wear on engine components, leading to smoother operation and improved overall efficiency. By enhancing combustion efficiency and maintaining optimal fuel system conditions, these additives contribute to long-term fuel efficiency benefits.

When choosing a diesel fuel additive, prioritize those that offer these efficiency-boosting properties to optimize your engine’s performance and save on fuel costs in the long run.

Engine Performance Enhancement

To enhance your engine’s performance, carefully consider the key factors when selecting diesel fuel additives. Choose additives that improve combustion efficiency and increase power output. Opt for those that reduce wear on engine components, leading to smoother operation and a longer engine life.

Look for additives with cetane boosters to enhance ignition quality, resulting in better fuel combustion and increased horsepower. Improved lubricity from additives can help reduce friction and wear in the fuel system, contributing to overall engine performance.

Additionally, selecting additives that clean injectors and remove deposits will optimize fuel delivery, ensuring consistent engine performance. By paying attention to these factors, you can effectively boost your engine’s performance with the right diesel fuel additives.

Emissions Reduction Technology

Considering the importance of reducing emissions in diesel engines, selecting fuel additives with advanced emissions reduction technology is crucial for environmentally conscious vehicle owners. These additives play a key role in minimizing harmful pollutants such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.

By using advanced additives, you can effectively lower emissions of black smoke, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide from your diesel engine. Opting for fuel additives with emission-reducing properties not only helps in meeting strict environmental regulations and emission standards but also enhances combustion efficiency, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

With emissions reduction technology in additives, your diesel engine can operate cleaner and more environmentally friendly, aligning with modern sustainability goals.

Compatibility With Vehicles

When selecting diesel fuel additives, ensure compatibility with your specific vehicle make and model to optimize performance and maintain engine health. Check that the additive is suitable for use in all diesel engines, including high-performance or specialized vehicles. Make sure it’s safe for modern emissions systems and components in your vehicle.

Consider additives that work with various fuel types, such as ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and biodiesel blends. Verify that the additive meets industry standards and regulations for use in diesel engines to avoid any potential issues. Ensuring compatibility with your vehicle will help you get the most out of the diesel fuel additive and keep your engine running smoothly.

Winterization and Anti-gel

Ensure your diesel engine’s performance remains optimal even in cold temperatures by selecting winterization and anti-gel diesel fuel additives that prevent fuel gelling and improve cold flow properties.

Winterization additives prevent fuel gelling, ensuring smooth engine operation, while anti-gel additives lower the pour point of diesel fuel to prevent filter clogs and fuel system issues in freezing conditions. These additives contain components that enhance cold flow properties, making it easier for diesel engines to start in winter.

Effective anti-gel formulas also prevent wax crystal formation in diesel fuel, maintaining fuel system integrity during cold weather. Winter diesel fuel additives with anti-gel properties play a crucial role in enhancing fuel stability and preventing fuel line freezing in sub-zero temperatures.

User Application Tips

To optimize the performance of your diesel engine, carefully evaluate the specific requirements of your engine type when choosing diesel fuel additives. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosage to ensure optimal performance.

Consider the type of diesel engine you have and its individual needs when selecting an additive. Verify the compatibility of the additive with your vehicle’s emission systems and fuel type to prevent any potential issues.

Regularly monitor how the additive affects fuel efficiency, engine performance, and emissions to gauge its effectiveness. If needed, seek advice from experienced users or professionals for personalized recommendations on the appropriate usage of diesel fuel additives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Diesel Fuel Additives Be Used in All Types of Diesel Engines, Including Newer Models?

Yes, diesel fuel additives can generally be used in all types of diesel engines, including newer models. They are designed to improve engine performance, fuel efficiency, and engine cleanliness, benefiting a wide range of diesel vehicles.

Are Diesel Fuel Additives Safe for Use in Vehicles Equipped With Diesel Particulate Filters (Dpfs)?

Yes, diesel fuel additives can be safe for vehicles with diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Make sure to choose additives specifically labeled as safe for DPF-equipped vehicles to prevent any issues with filter clogging.

How Often Should Diesel Fuel Additives Be Used for Optimal Performance Benefits?

For optimal performance benefits, use diesel fuel additives as recommended by the manufacturer. Regular maintenance is key. Follow instructions on the additive bottle. Overuse can lead to issues. Keep your engine running smoothly.

Can Diesel Fuel Additives Improve Fuel Economy in Addition to Boosting Engine Performance?

Yes, diesel fuel additives can enhance fuel economy by optimizing combustion efficiency and reducing friction. When used correctly, they not only boost engine performance but also contribute to better mileage, making your driving experience more cost-effective.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects or Risks Associated With Using Diesel Fuel Additives Regularly?

Using diesel fuel additives regularly may lead to potential side effects like clogging fuel filters or damaging engine components. It’s essential to follow manufacturer recommendations and choose additives carefully to minimize risks and ensure optimal performance.


In conclusion, choosing the right diesel fuel additive can significantly improve your engine’s performance. Consider factors such as cleaning capabilities, lubrication benefits, and cetane boosting properties when selecting the best additive for your needs.

Whether you choose Performance Formula, Power Service, Red Line, Opti-Lube, or Hot Shots Secret, adding a quality diesel fuel additive to your tank can help keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

Boost your engine’s performance today with the right diesel fuel additive!