5 Best Diesel Fuel Additives of 2023 (And Why They’re Great!)

best diesel fuel additiveDiesel fuel additives are chemicals, which are added to the vehicle’s fuel. There are several different strains and each delivers an array of unique benefits. For instance, some additives are specifically used for racing. Others are intended for more practical purposes and are capable of making the vehicle operate more efficiently, while also giving it a little extra power.

There is no denying that in this day and age, these products are a must. The question now is, what is the best diesel fuel additive for your vehicle? Read our guide and let us recommend the best options on the market right now.

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Diesel Fuel Additives Benefits

The benefits provided by diesel fuel additives are immensely diverse, but most consumers use these products for one reason and one reason alone. By using a fuel additive, you will be able to dramatically increase the fuel effectiveness of your engine. In return, this will help to maximize your diesel vehicle’s fuel economy. This can help to ensure that your fuel takes you longer than ever before.

The process is uncomplicated, straightforward and surprisingly simplistic. Simply open your vehicle’s fuel tank and pour in the recommended amount. Of course, the benefits do not stop there. The most notable reasons for using these products can be found below.

• Easy to use and fast results
• Can enhance your vehicle’s power
• Helps you save money
• Products are generally inexpensive and effective
• Can improve the longevity of your vehicle’s diesel injection system

Best Diesel Fuel Additive – Our Top Picks

All in all, it would be immensely wise for all diesel vehicle owners to consider investing in a worthwhile fuel additive. Below, you will be able to familiarize yourself with five options which really hit the target with consumers. Each one is affordable and comes from a trusted manufacturer.

1. Stanadyne Performance Formula

This is the best diesel fuel additive on our list. While the fuel prices are currently on the decline, the oil market will eventually stabilize, driving the prices back up. By using a fuel injection cleaner, you can receive the maximum performance from your vehicle, while getting the maximum possible miles per gallon. Stanadyne Performance Formula is a very popular product that will offer superior cleaning effectiveness like no other.

By using it on a routine basis, you cannot only prevent potential mechanical issues with your vehicle’s diesel injection system. You will also be helping to decrease the toxic diesel fumes evaporating into the Earth’s ecosystem. This product has been deemed safe and effective, by a long list of original equipment manufacturers. Each 8-ounce bottle will treat 30 gallons of diesel fuel and can safely be used during the winter, summer, spring, and fall months.

Overall, Stanadyne Performance Formula is a very effective diesel fuel additive that will do exactly what the manufacturer promises. It is recommended to use this product on a routine basis, so your vehicle can get the maximum benefits.

Why choose this?

• The best diesel fuel additive on the market
• Deemed safe by General Motors, John Deere, Ford, Navistar, and etc.
• All-season usability
• Increases performance and fuel economy
• Contains lubricity enhancers
• Improves air equality, by decreasing polluted diesel fuel and exhaust fumes

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2. Power Service Diesel Kleen

Diesel Kleen
As an owner of a diesel vehicle, you will have many responsibilities, with the biggest one being keeping your diesel fuel injectors clean and lubricated. Now, this may sound like a very tough job, but not if you add Power Service Diesel Kleen to your fuel on a routine basis. Not only will this diesel fuel additive provide your fuel injection system with a superior cleaning, but it can also increase the fuel’s cetane number by 6 numbers.

It is proven that this product can actually improve your gas mileage by 8%. Over time, you could potentially save money by investing in this additive, plus it will keep your injectors lubricated for maximum performance. This is an all-season additive that will restore lost power in your vehicle.

Overall, the Power Service Diesel Kleen is a very effective additive that will decrease harmful diesel fuel fumes, while increasing your vehicle’s performance level. By investing and using this product on a routine basis, you can actually decrease your diesel fuel usage greatly.

Why choose this?

• Improves gas mileage by 8%
• Increases the cetane number by 6
• All-season usability
• Contains lubricity enhancers
• Suitable for ultra-low sulfur and biodiesel fuels
• Cleans and protects diesel fuel pump and injectors

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3. Lucas Fuel Treatment

Lucas Oil is undoubtedly one of the leading manufacturers of automobile lubricants and fuel additives. If you enter an auto specialty shop, it is almost certain that you’ll run across some of the company’s products. The good news is that the company also produces a fuel treatment for diesel engines. In fact, the product is fairly affordable and immensely reliable. It is specifically designed to burn excessive exhaust emissions, which will help to deliver additional power and miles.

At the same time, the Lucas Oil Treatment will clean and lubricate your diesel vehicle’s fuel system. This can help to expand the longevity of the pumps, as well as the injectors. Finally, this product is capable of neutralizing low sulfur fuel problems. For added versatility and value, it can be used in all diesel motor vehicles, as well as diesel engines in locomotives and marine equipment.

Truthfully, it is hard to go wrong with Lucas and this rings true with the company’s fuel treatment. Using it in your vehicle is definitely recommended and will prove to be a wise decision.

Why choose this?

• Lubricates and increases diesel fuel injectors and pump life
• Contains high-temperature detergents that will offer a superior clean
• Improves fuel economy
• One of the best diesel fuel additives on the market
• Decreases harmful diesel fuel fumes
• In compliance with low-sulfur fuel content

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4. Red Line 85 Plus

red line 85 plus
Those that are looking for an effective diesel fuel additive treatment would be wise to check out Red Line Oil’s 85 Plus. Unlike some of the alternatives, it has been specifically formulated to meet EPA standards, so you can use it in your diesel fuel without any concerns. Although the product is fairly inexpensive, it can provide you and your vehicle with numerous benefits. First and foremost, the product is capable of stabilizing your fuel, while helping to make your vehicle much more fuel-efficient.

85 Plus is also designed to lubricate cylinder walls, pumps and injectors, while simultaneously preventing the formation of rust. This in return can help reduce the amount of smoke your vehicle produces, while also making it easier for your vehicle to turn over and start.

All in all, there is a lot to like about the 85 Plus. The product is reliable, easy to use and will undoubtedly provide the results that you desire. With this additive, you can rest assured knowing your money has been spent wisely!

Why choose this?

• EPA registered to guarantee compatibility with diesel fuels
• Capable of lubricating all vital components, including pumps, cylinder walls and injectors
• Also prevents rusting
Cleans injector and eliminates high-temperature deposits
• Enhances power and improved fuel efficiency
• Reduces smoke and diminishes fuel system wear

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5. Opti-Lube XPD

Improving the properties of the diesel fuel you put into your engine shouldn’t be difficult especially if you’ve got the likes of the Opti-Lube XPD. This diesel treatment provides your engine and fuel system exceptional lubrication while improving your ride’s mileage.

But that’s not all that XPD can bring to your car. While boosting your fuel’s cetane rating, it also cleans and protects your fuel injectors as well as other important components of your fuel delivery. Reduced deposits also mean cleaner emissions. The unique formulation of this product also helps improve water separation, ensuring your fuel won’t have any of those nasty bugs that can undermine the lubricity of your diesel fuel.

The best news is that the engine additives in the XPD are especially formulated for all types of emissions systems so it’s basically pour-and-drive.

Why choose this?

• Boosts cetane rating
• Enhanced lubricant properties
• Fuel system cleaners and protectors
• Improved cold weather performance
• Compatible with different emissions systems
• All-season usability

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Best Diesel Fuel Additive – Our Ratings

Stanadyne5.0 / 5
Diesel Kleen4.5 / 5
Lucas Fuel4.5 / 5
Red Line4.0 / 5
Opti-Lube4.0 / 5