5 Best Engine Oil Additives to Boost Your Car's Performance

You might be skeptical about whether engine oil additives truly make a difference, but investing in the right product can significantly enhance your car's performance. These additives go beyond basic oil changes to optimize your engine's functionality and longevity.

As you navigate the numerous options available, understanding the specific benefits each additive offers can be a game-changer for your vehicle's overall performance. From reducing friction to increasing protection, the top 5 engine oil additives featured here have been carefully selected to help you maximize your car's potential.

BG Advanced Formula MOA 115

For those seeking to maximize their car's engine performance and longevity, the BG Advanced Formula MOA 115 stands out as a reliable and proven choice. This engine oil additive offers a range of benefits, including extending engine life, reducing wear, preventing sludge and varnish buildup, and keeping piston rings from sticking.

Users have reported positive experiences, such as resolving ticking lifter noise in a Cheve. Cruise, eliminating engine noise in a Toyota Tacoma, and improving gas mileage and engine efficiency. Consistent usage of BG Advanced Formula MOA 115 has led to better engine performance over the years, making it a highly rated and reliable product.

By adding this formula with quality oil in your automotive engine, you can expect enhanced engine efficiency, reduced engine noise, and improved overall performance without the need for constant oil additions.

Best For: Those looking to enhance engine performance, reduce wear, and prolong engine life without frequent oil additions.


  • Extends engine life
  • Reduces wear
  • Prevents sludge and varnish buildup


  • Mightn't be suitable for all engine types

Liqui Moly MoS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment (SKU: 2009)

With its ability to form a high load-bearing lubricant film on friction surfaces, the Liqui Moly MoS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment (SKU: 2009) is a top choice for those seeking enhanced engine performance and reduced noise levels. This 300 ml can product, with a flash point of 181.0 degrees Celsius, is manufactured by Liqui Moly in Germany. Customers have reported improved engine sound and control at high RPM, reduced vibration and ticking noise, quieter engine operation on startup, enhanced smoothness, and fuel efficiency. User reviews highlight positive experiences with noise reduction and engine smoothness across various vehicle models, along with detailed application instructions and benefits. For those looking to optimize their engine's performance and minimize noise disturbances, this Liqui Moly treatment comes highly recommended.

Best For: Those looking to enhance engine performance and reduce noise levels in their vehicles.


  • Improved engine sound and control at high RPM.
  • Reduced vibration and ticking noise in engines.
  • Quieter engine operation on startup.


  • May not work as effectively in all vehicle models.

Lubegard 30901 Bio/Tech Engine Oil Protectant, 15 oz.

Optimizing engine performance and enhancing fuel efficiency, the Lubegard 30901 Bio/Tech Engine Oil Protectant, 15 oz. is an ideal choice for car owners seeking to improve their vehicle's overall performance and longevity. This product is designed to optimize engine horsepower, improve fuel economy by reducing friction, extend oil life by 30%, reduce wear on metal components, and eliminate lifter noise on startup. It also enhances anti-friction and anti-wear properties, reduces oil and fuel consumption, lowers hot engine oil temperatures, ensures smoother running engines, and inhibits oxidation.

With positive user experiences praising its impact on engine noise reduction, improved transmission performance, increased engine lifespan, and enhanced cold start performance, this oil protectant proves to be a valuable addition to your car maintenance routine.

Best For: Car owners looking to optimize engine performance and enhance fuel efficiency without compromising engine longevity.


  • Optimizes engine horsepower and performance
  • Improves fuel economy by reducing friction
  • Extends oil life by 30%


  • May not be compatible with all engine models

REV X ZDDP Oil Additive – Zinc & Phosphorus

Enhancing engine durability and performance, the REV X ZDDP Oil Additive with Zinc & Phosphorus is an essential choice for drivers seeking optimal protection for high-load components. This additive creates an anti-wear layer at friction points, making it ideal for engine break-in and flat tappet engines. With a ZDDP content of 3000 – 3200 ppm, it's suitable for use with synthetic and mineral-based oils.

Manufactured by Rev X Products, Inc., this product has received positive feedback from users, with many praising its noise reduction and engine maintenance benefits. To ensure maximum protection, it's recommended to use this additive with every oil change. Make sure to follow user directions and recommendations for specific engine types to maximize its effectiveness.

Best For: Drivers of high-load vehicles looking to enhance engine durability and performance.


  • Creates an anti-wear layer at friction points
  • Ideal for engine break-in and flat tappet engines
  • Suitable for synthetic and mineral-based oils


  • May not be necessary for all engine types

AtomOil Oil Additive for Car Engine and Protection (16 Oz. Bottle)

For car owners seeking enhanced engine protection and improved performance, the AtomOil Oil Additive is a reliable choice. This Nano Technology Motor High Mileage Treatment offers atomic scale protection with nano-engineered additives in a 16 oz. bottle. Formulated to provide superior high-temp performance, it enhances engine thermal stability, extends service intervals, and promotes energy savings.

The AtomOil Oil Additive protects your engine during initial starts, stops sludge, and combats contaminants effectively. Manufactured by VinTech Nano Materials, this product has received positive feedback, boasting an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 51 ratings. Users have reported improvements in mileage, reduced oil consumption, engine noise reduction, and increased responsiveness. Consider adding this oil additive during your next oil change for potential benefits in engine maintenance and longevity.

Best For: Car owners with vehicles over 100,000 miles looking to improve engine performance and reduce oil consumption.


  • Provides atomic scale protection with nano-engineered additives
  • Enhances engine thermal stability and extends service intervals
  • Positive feedback on improved mileage, reduced oil consumption, and engine noise reduction


  • Some users may not see significant improvements in performance

Factors to Consider When Choosing Engine Oil Additives

When choosing engine oil additives, you should consider:

  • The key benefits they offer
  • How they enhance performance
  • The recommended application instructions

Understanding these factors will provide you with valuable insights from user experiences and help you assess the overall effectiveness of the product.

Key Additive Benefits

When selecting engine oil additives, consider the specific benefits they offer to enhance your car's performance. These additives can extend engine life by reducing wear and preventing sludge buildup, ultimately improving fuel efficiency by reducing friction and maintaining engine cleanliness.

Additives containing zinc and phosphorus provide protection to high-load components and enhance engine performance. Some additives are formulated to decrease engine noise, improving overall operation.

Choosing the right additive can optimize horsepower, decrease oil consumption, and promote engine longevity. By understanding these key benefits, you can select the most suitable engine oil additive to maximize your car's performance and efficiency.

Performance Enhancement Factors

Consider essential factors when selecting engine oil additives to enhance your car's performance. Engine oil additives play a crucial role in reducing friction, wear, and heat within your engine, ultimately optimizing performance.

Additives containing zinc and phosphorus can form a protective layer on high-load components, enhancing their longevity. Innovative nano-engineered additives provide atomic scale protection, ensuring superior thermal stability.

By choosing performance-enhancing additives, you can boost engine horsepower, improve fuel economy, and enhance overall efficiency. Opting for additives with anti-wear properties not only extends oil life but also reduces oil consumption, promoting smoother engine operation.

When selecting engine oil additives, prioritize those that offer a comprehensive range of benefits to maximize your car's performance.

Application Instructions Summary

To ensure optimal performance and longevity for your vehicle's engine, carefully follow the provided application instructions for adding engine oil additives. Engine oil additives typically come with clear guidelines on how to incorporate them into your vehicle's oil system. It's crucial to adhere to the recommended dosage and application method to achieve the desired results.

These instructions often specify when to add the additive, the appropriate amount based on oil capacity, and how frequently to reapply it. Some additives may necessitate mixing with fresh oil during an oil change, while others can be directly added to the existing oil. Properly applying engine oil additives can significantly enhance engine protection, performance, and overall lifespan.

User Experience Insights

Considering user experiences can offer valuable insights into the effectiveness of engine oil additives. This is particularly true in terms of noise reduction, engine performance improvements, and fuel efficiency.

Feedback from actual users who've tested additives in various vehicles can provide practical advice on what works best. Understanding how different additives have influenced engine longevity and maintenance, as reported by users, can be instrumental in guiding your product selection.

User satisfaction levels and the outcomes they've experienced are crucial indicators of the reliability and efficacy of different engine oil additives. By taking into account these user insights, you can make a more informed decision on which engine oil additive is most likely to meet your specific needs and expectations.

Product Effectiveness Overview

When selecting engine oil additives, prioritize examining the specific benefits each additive offers to enhance your car's performance. Consider additives that reduce friction, wear, and noise, as these can improve engine efficiency and longevity.

Look for additives that prevent sludge buildup and excessive oil consumption to extend your engine's lifespan. Additives containing zinc and phosphorus can create a protective layer on engine components, particularly in high-load situations.

Some additives are tailored to boost fuel efficiency and optimize horsepower. Choosing the right engine oil additive can result in smoother engine operation, better fuel economy, and overall improved engine performance.

Make an informed decision based on the specific needs of your vehicle to maximize the benefits of the additive you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Engine Oil Additives Be Used in All Types of Vehicles, Including Diesel and Gasoline Engines?

Yes, engine oil additives can be used in both diesel and gasoline engines. They are designed to enhance engine performance and protect vital components. Always follow manufacturer recommendations for the best results and to maintain your vehicle's warranty.

Are Engine Oil Additives Safe to Use With Synthetic Oils or Should They Only Be Used With Conventional Oils?

When using engine oil additives, always check the manufacturer's recommendations. Synthetic oils can often be used with additives, but it's best to confirm compatibility. Mixing products without knowing can impact performance and potentially harm your engine.

How Often Should Engine Oil Additives Be Added to the Car's Oil System for Optimal Performance?

For optimal performance, add engine oil additives every 3,000-5,000 miles or as recommended by the product instructions. Consistent use can help maintain your car's engine health and efficiency, ensuring it runs smoothly and performs at its best.

Can Engine Oil Additives Help Improve Fuel Efficiency in Addition to Boosting Performance?

Yes, engine oil additives can help improve fuel efficiency in addition to boosting performance. By reducing friction, cleaning engine parts, and improving lubrication, additives can enhance overall engine efficiency, leading to better fuel economy.

Are There Any Compatibility Issues With Using Multiple Engine Oil Additives Together in the Same Oil System?

When using multiple engine oil additives together in the same system, it's important to check for compatibility. Some additives may not work well together and could cause issues. Always read the labels and follow manufacturer recommendations to avoid any problems.


In conclusion, adding the right engine oil additive can greatly improve your car's performance and protect its engine. Whether you choose BG Advanced Formula MOA 115, Liqui Moly MoS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment, Lubegard Bio/Tech Engine Oil Protectant, REV X ZDDP Oil Additive, or AtomOil Oil Additive, make sure to consider factors like compatibility and desired benefits.

Enhance your car's engine longevity and efficiency with the best oil additives on the market.