5 Best Oil Additives for Older Engines to Keep Them Running Smoothly

When it comes to caring for your aging engine, think of oil additives as the secret sauce that keeps the gears turning smoothly.

But with a plethora of options out there, how do you separate the must-haves from the mere gimmicks? Well, fear not, as we've done the legwork for you.

In the following list, we'll explore five top-notch oil additives specifically tailored to breathe new life into those older engines and ensure they purr like a contented feline.

Liqui Moly MoS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment (SKU: 2009)

For those seeking to enhance the performance and longevity of their older engines, the Liqui Moly MoS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment (SKU: 2009) stands out as a top choice. This 300 ml can of high load-bearing lubricant film is designed to form a protective layer on friction surfaces, reducing wear and tear. With a flash point of 181.0 degrees Celsius, this German-made product from Liqui Moly is renowned for its ability to improve engine sound, control at high RPM, and reduce vibrations and ticking noises. Users have reported quieter engine operation upon startup, along with enhanced smoothness and fuel efficiency. If you're looking to boost engine performance and decrease noise levels, the Liqui Moly MoS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment is a reliable option worth considering.

Best For: Those looking to improve engine performance and reduce noise levels in older vehicles.


  • Enhanced engine sound and control at high RPM
  • Reduction in vibrations and ticking noises
  • Quieter engine operation on startup


  • May not provide significant benefits for newer engines

BG Advanced Formula MOA 115

When seeking to enhance the longevity and performance of older engines, consider the benefits of incorporating BG Advanced Formula MOA 115. This oil additive is known for its ability to extend engine life, reduce wear, prevent sludge and varnish buildup, and stop excessive oil consumption. Additionally, it helps in keeping piston rings from sticking, ensuring smoother engine operation. Users have reported positive outcomes such as resolving ticking lifter noise in vehicles like the Cheve. Cruise, eliminating engine noise in a Toyota Tacoma, improving gas mileage and engine efficiency, and quieting engines in high mileage Audis. Consistent usage of BG Advanced Formula MOA 115 has led to better engine performance, high ratings, and reliable experiences over a decade, making it a trusted choice for maintaining older engines.

Best For: Those looking to improve the performance and longevity of their older engines with a reliable and consistent oil additive like BG Advanced Formula MOA 115.


  • Extends engine life and reduces wear
  • Prevents sludge and varnish buildup
  • Keeps piston rings from sticking, ensuring smoother engine operation


  • May be costlier than basic oil changes

Lubegard 30901 Bio/Tech Engine Oil Protectant, 15 oz.

Enhance your older engine's performance with the Lubegard 30901 Bio/Tech Engine Oil Protectant, 15 oz. This oil additive optimizes engine horsepower and performance while improving fuel economy by reducing friction. By extending oil life by 30% and reducing wear on metal components, it ensures smoother running engines and eliminates lifter noise on startup.

The Lubegard 30901 Bio/Tech Engine Oil Protectant also enhances anti-friction and anti-wear properties, reduces oil and fuel consumption, and lowers hot engine oil temperatures. With its ability to inhibit oxidation, this product has garnered positive feedback for its effectiveness in improving engine performance, reducing noise, and enhancing fuel efficiency.

Best For: Those looking to optimize engine performance and increase fuel efficiency while extending oil life and reducing wear on metal components.


  • Enhances engine horsepower and performance
  • Reduces friction to improve fuel economy
  • Extends oil life by 30% and reduces wear on metal components


  • Some users may find the packaging could be improved

Prolong Super Lubricants PSL11000 Engine Treatment – 12 oz. , White

If you're looking to enhance the performance of your older engine, consider the Prolong Super Lubricants PSL11000 Engine Treatment for its advanced anti-friction metal treatment technology. This 12 oz. product is designed for use in both gasoline and diesel engines, creating a protective layer that reduces friction and heat. What sets it apart is the formulation that contains no solid particles like PTFE, zinc, or graphite. Users have reported positive feedback on improved MPG, smoother engine operation, and increased longevity. The product is praised for boosting fuel efficiency, quieting engine noise, and providing long-term performance benefits across various vehicles. With Amazon's 30-Day Return Guarantee and manufacturer warranty options available, trying out this USA-made engine treatment could be a worthwhile investment for your aging engine.

Best For: Ideal for owners of older gasoline or diesel engines looking to improve fuel efficiency, reduce engine noise, and enhance longevity.


  • Advanced anti-friction metal treatment technology
  • Creates a protective layer to reduce friction and heat
  • Positive user feedback on improved MPG and smoother engine operation


  • May not show significant results in newer engines

AtomOil Nano Technology Oil Additive for Car Engine, 16 Oz. Bottle

For those seeking enhanced engine protection and performance in older vehicles with high mileage, the AtomOil Nano Technology Oil Additive is a reliable choice. This Nano Technology Motor High Mileage Treatment offers atomic scale protection with nano-engineered additives, promoting superior high-temp performance for improved engine thermal stability. By extending service intervals and aiding in energy savings, this 16 oz. bottle can protect your engine during initial starts and stops, combating sludge and contaminants effectively. Manufactured by VinTech Nano Materials under the brand Atom Oil, this additive has received positive feedback, with users reporting benefits such as improved engine performance, reduced oil consumption, mileage enhancements, and reduced engine noise. Easy to use during oil changes, this product is recommended for vehicles with over 100,000 miles for optimal results.

Best For: Customers with older vehicles with high mileage looking to enhance engine protection and performance.


  • Offers atomic scale protection with nano-engineered additives
  • Promotes superior high-temp performance for improved engine thermal stability
  • Extends service intervals and aids in energy savings


  • May not provide significant benefits for vehicles with lower mileage

Factors to Consider When Choosing Oil Additives for Older Engines

When selecting oil additives for older engines, you should consider:

  • The age of your engine.
  • The specific performance improvements needed.
  • The compatibility of the additive with older engine models.

These factors are crucial in ensuring that the additive provides adequate wear and tear protection and helps reduce oil consumption. Ultimately, this can extend the life of your engine.

Engine Age Considerations

Considering the age of your engine, certain factors come into play when selecting oil additives to enhance its performance and longevity. Older engines are prone to increased wear and tear, leading to issues like sludge buildup and reduced performance. Engine age impacts the effectiveness of oil additives, with older engines benefiting more from additives that focus on reducing friction, wear, and improving lubrication.

It's crucial to consider the mileage and maintenance history of the engine when choosing additives, as these factors affect overall condition and performance. Look for additives that target specific issues like increased noise levels, reduced efficiency, and signs of wear in older engines. Opt for additives with proven records of enhancing engine longevity, performance, and efficiency in older vehicles for optimal results.

Performance Improvement Needs

To enhance the performance of your older engine, pinpoint the specific performance needs it requires. This could include reducing friction, preventing wear, or improving fuel efficiency. Assess your engine's current state and any issues it may have to determine which additives could effectively address those concerns.

Look for oil additives with a track record of enhancing performance in older engines. Rely on user testimonials and reviews for guidance on the effectiveness of different products. Ensure compatibility with your engine type, whether gasoline or diesel, to achieve optimal results without causing harm.

Seek advice from a mechanic or automotive expert to get recommendations on the best oil additives suited for your older engine's performance enhancement needs. This expert guidance can help you make an informed decision and choose the right additives for your specific requirements.

Compatibility With Older Engines

To ensure optimal performance of your older engine, selecting oil additives that are compatible with its materials and designed to work effectively with traditional engine components is crucial. When choosing an oil additive for your aging engine, make sure it's formulated to work well with older engine materials like seals and gaskets.

Look for products that specifically mention compatibility with traditional engine designs and components to avoid any potential issues. Additionally, check for any specific recommendations or restrictions regarding the use of the additive in older engines to ensure it will provide the intended benefits.

Wear and Tear Protection

When selecting oil additives for older engines, prioritize those that offer enhanced wear and tear protection to safeguard against friction and potential engine damage. Look for additives containing anti-friction properties to reduce wear on critical components like pistons, bearings, and cylinders.

These additives help extend the engine's lifespan by minimizing metal-to-metal contact and reducing heat buildup. Effective lubrication from these additives can maintain optimal engine performance and efficiency in aging vehicles.

Choosing oil additives with anti-wear properties is crucial to counteracting the effects of aging on engine parts and ensuring smooth operation. By focusing on wear and tear protection, you can help keep your older engine running smoothly for longer periods.

Oil Consumption Reduction

Consider selecting oil additives for older engines that specifically target oil consumption reduction to improve engine performance and longevity. These additives are formulated to enhance the sealing of worn engine parts, reducing oil burn-off and leakage.

Look for products containing friction modifiers and seal conditioners that can restore flexibility to seals and gaskets, minimizing oil loss and the need for frequent top-ups in older vehicles.

Additionally, opt for additives with anti-wear properties to prevent excessive friction and wear on engine components, ultimately decreasing oil consumption.

Longevity and Maintenance

Enhance the longevity and maintenance of your older engine by selecting oil additives that target wear reduction and sludge prevention. By choosing the right oil additive designed for older engines, you can extend the life of your vehicle by reducing wear on critical components and preventing harmful sludge buildup. Proper maintenance with these additives not only improves engine performance but also reduces noise levels and enhances fuel efficiency in older vehicles.

With additives that prevent excessive oil consumption, keep piston rings from sticking, and protect metal components from wear, you can maintain the health of your older engine. By reducing friction, heat, and overall stress on vital engine parts, the right oil additives contribute to smoother running engines, improved cold start performance, and overall engine reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Oil Additives Be Used in All Types of Engines, or Are They Specific to Certain Models or Makes?

Oil additives can generally be used in all types of engines, regardless of the model or make. However, it's crucial to choose the right additives based on the specific needs of your engine to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Are Oil Additives Safe to Use in High Mileage Vehicles, or Can They Cause Damage to Older Engines?

Using oil additives in high mileage vehicles can be safe if chosen carefully. Some additives can help maintain engine performance and reduce wear. However, it's essential to research and select products suitable for older engines to prevent damage.

How Often Should Oil Additives Be Added to the Engine for Optimal Performance and Longevity?

For optimal performance and longevity, add oil additives during every oil change. This routine upkeep can help maintain your engine's health and efficiency over time, ensuring smooth operation and potentially extending its lifespan.

Are There Any Compatibility Issues With Using Oil Additives Alongside Synthetic or Conventional Engine Oils?

Using oil additives alongside synthetic or conventional engine oils may lead to compatibility issues. It's essential to carefully read the labels and manufacturer's recommendations before combining products to avoid potential problems with your engine's performance.

Can Oil Additives Help Improve Fuel Efficiency in Older Engines, or Are They Primarily for Maintenance Purposes?

Oil additives can enhance fuel efficiency in older engines by improving combustion and reducing friction. They are not just for maintenance; they can help optimize performance while keeping your engine running smoothly for longer.


In conclusion, choosing the right oil additive for your older engine is crucial for keeping it running smoothly. Consider factors such as the brand reputation, ingredients, and compatibility with your engine.

The top five oil additives mentioned in this article have been proven to provide extra protection and improve engine performance. By investing in a quality oil additive, you can extend the life of your older engine and prevent costly repairs down the road.