5 Best Oil Additives to Silence Engine Knocking – Tested & Reviewed

When seeking solutions to silence stubborn engine knocking, the 5 best oil additives can be your silent saviors. Each product promises prowess in pacifying pesky pings and knocks that plague your engine's performance.

But how do you discern which additive will truly tackle the issue effectively? It's not just about quieting the noise; it's about finding a long-lasting remedy that ensures your engine operates smoothly and efficiently.

Ready to discover the key to a harmonious engine?

Prolong Super Lubricants PSL11000 Engine Treatment – 12 oz. , White

For anyone seeking to enhance their engine's performance and longevity, the Prolong Super Lubricants PSL11000 Engine Treatment is the ideal choice. This engine treatment, designed for both gasoline and diesel engines, features anti-friction metal treatment technology that creates a protective layer to reduce friction and heat. What sets it apart is its ability to protect the engine even before the oil fully circulates, ensuring immediate benefits.

Unlike some treatments that contain solid particles like PTFE, zinc, or graphite, the PSL11000's formula is free from these additives. Users have reported positive feedback on improved miles per gallon, smoother engine operation, and increased longevity. With Prolong Super Lubricants PSL11000 Engine Treatment, you can experience enhanced engine performance and protection.

Best For: Those looking to improve their engine's performance and longevity with a reliable and proven engine treatment solution.


  • Features anti-friction metal treatment technology for reduced friction and heat.
  • Works for both gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Provides immediate engine protection even before oil fully circulates.


  • Formula doesn't contain solid particles like PTFE, zinc, or graphite.

BG Advanced Formula MOA 115

Silencing engine knocking and ensuring optimal performance, BG Advanced Formula MOA 115 is a top choice for you seeking to extend your engine's life and prevent issues like sludge and varnish buildup. This additive not only extends engine life but also reduces wear, prevents sludge and varnish, and keeps piston rings from sticking. Users have reported positive outcomes such as resolving ticking lifter noise in vehicles like the Chevrolet Cruise, eliminating engine noise in the Toyota Tacoma, and improving gas mileage and engine efficiency. Consistent usage of BG Advanced Formula MOA 115 has resulted in better engine performance, with users praising its reliability and ability to enhance engine efficiency while reducing engine noise. Experience the benefits of this highly rated product for yourself and ensure your engine's longevity and performance.

Best For: Those looking to extend their engine's life, prevent sludge and varnish buildup, and maintain optimal engine performance.


  • Extends engine life
  • Reduces wear
  • Prevents excessive oil consumption


  • May not be suitable for all engine types

REV X ZDDP Oil Additive – Zinc & Phosphorus

If you're looking to enhance engine performance and protect high-load components, the REV X ZDDP Oil Additive with Zinc & Phosphorus is an excellent choice for your vehicle. This additive creates an anti-wear layer at friction points, making it perfect for engine break-in and flat tappet engines. It contains 3000 – 3200 ppm of ZDDP, which safeguards high-load components and is recommended for every oil change. Suitable for both synthetic and mineral-based oils, this product from Rev X Products, Inc., has received positive feedback from users for its noise reduction and engine maintenance benefits. Consider adding REV X ZDDP to your oil changes for increased engine protection and longevity.

Best For: Those looking to enhance engine performance, particularly for engine break-in and flat tappet engines, and protect high-load components.


  • Creates an anti-wear layer at friction points.
  • Suitable for synthetic and mineral-based oils.
  • Positive feedback on noise reduction and engine maintenance benefits.


  • Contains ZDDP, which may not be necessary for all modern engines.

Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive for All Vehicles (16oz)

When looking to reduce engine noise, vibration, and heat, consider the Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive for All Vehicles (16oz) as a reliable solution for enhanced engine performance. This oil additive, suitable for diesel and gasoline engines, gearboxes, hydraulics, differentials, and power steering systems, not only reduces wear and extends component life but also improves fuel efficiency.

Specifically recommended for Ford 6.0L and 7.3L engines, it treats Power Stroke engines and fixes cold start injector problems. Users praise its ability to deliver smoother acceleration, reduce engine noise, and enhance cold start performance. With positive feedback on performance improvement and efficiency gains, the Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive stands out as a premium product worth the investment for long-term benefits.

Best For: Those seeking to enhance engine performance, reduce wear, and improve fuel efficiency in Ford 6.0L and 7.3L Power Stroke engines.


  • Treats Power Stroke engines and fixes cold start injector problems
  • Reduces engine noise, vibration, and heat
  • Improves fuel efficiency and extends oil life


  • Considered a premium product with a higher cost

Motorkote Heavy Duty Hyper Lubricant Engine Treatment – 32-Ounce

For those seeking to enhance engine performance and reduce noise, the Motorkote Heavy Duty Hyper Lubricant Engine Treatment – 32-Ounce is a versatile solution compatible with a wide range of gas or diesel engines and mechanical devices. This product works seamlessly with synthetic and petroleum-based oils, making it suitable for various applications such as automobiles, trucks, marine engines, and heavy-duty machinery.

By utilizing this hyper lubricant, you can experience increased horsepower, lower operating temperatures, and a noticeable reduction in engine noise and vibrations. The formulation is designed to bond to metal surfaces, extending engine life and improving fuel economy without altering SAE ratings or voiding warranties. With easy application and long-lasting effects through multiple fluid changes, Motorkote Heavy Duty Hyper Lubricant Engine Treatment is a reliable choice for optimizing engine performance.

Best For: Individuals looking to improve engine performance and reduce noise in a variety of gas or diesel engines and mechanical devices.


  • Increases horsepower and lowers operating temperatures.
  • Reduces engine noise and vibrations for quieter operation.
  • Extends engine life and improves fuel economy.


  • May not show immediate results and requires consistent use.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Oil Additives to Sengine Knocking

When choosing oil additives to silence engine knocking, it is essential to consider the causes of engine knocking. Understanding the benefits of oil additives and the methods they use to protect your engine is crucial. Check the compatibility of the additives with your engine and evaluate any claims of performance enhancement before making a decision.

This thoughtful approach will help you select the most suitable oil additive to address engine knocking effectively and protect your engine in the long run.

Causes of Engine Knocking

Considering the causes of engine knocking is essential when selecting oil additives to address this issue.

Incorrect fuel octane levels can lead to pre-ignition, causing engine knocking. Additionally, carbon deposits on pistons create hot spots that contribute to this problem.

Improper engine timing or spark plug issues may result in detonation and knocking sounds. Using low-quality or contaminated fuel can also be a factor in engine knocking.

Furthermore, engine knocking can be caused by excessive heat due to cooling system problems. Understanding these potential causes can help you choose the right oil additives to effectively silence engine knocking and improve your vehicle's performance.

Oil Additive Benefits

To effectively address engine knocking, carefully consider the benefits of oil additives in improving overall engine performance. Oil additives play a vital role in extending engine life by reducing wear and preventing sludge buildup. They also help prevent excessive oil consumption and keep piston rings from sticking, which can enhance the engine's longevity.

Furthermore, oil additives contribute to improved engine efficiency, resulting in better gas mileage for your vehicle. By reducing engine noise and vibrations, these additives promote smoother operation. Proper use of oil additives can ensure that you won't need to add extra oil between changes, maintaining optimal engine performance and potentially saving you money on maintenance in the long run.

Engine Protection Methods

When selecting oil additives to mitigate engine knocking, prioritize those that offer enhanced anti-wear properties for optimal engine protection.

Engine protection methods focus on reducing friction and wear on engine components. Certain additives create a protective layer that helps prevent engine knocking and damage, enhancing engine performance and longevity.

Additives containing zinc and phosphorus are known for their anti-wear properties, contributing to engine efficiency and reducing the risk of malfunctions. Regular use of oil additives with proven anti-friction technology can safeguard the engine during operation.

Compatibility With Engines

Taking into account your engine's specific type, ensure the oil additive you choose aligns with the requirements for optimal performance. Check compatibility with gasoline or diesel engines, high-performance or older engines, and whether it works well with synthetic or mineral-based oils.

Additionally, make sure the oil additive is safe for use with catalytic converters and other emission control systems in modern vehicles. Verify if the oil additive meets industry standards and certifications to guarantee quality and effectiveness in engine protection.

Performance Enhancement Claims

Enhance your engine's performance by selecting oil additives that claim to reduce friction, heat, and wear on engine components. These additives aim to boost fuel efficiency, increase horsepower, and prolong engine life by forming a protective barrier on metal surfaces.

By preventing metal-to-metal contact and decreasing engine knocking, these additives contribute to maintaining proper lubrication, preventing sludge buildup, and optimizing overall engine efficiency. To ensure optimal results, seek additives with established reputations, positive user feedback, and compatibility with your specific engine type.

Choosing the right oil additive that delivers on its performance enhancement claims can lead to a smoother-running engine with improved longevity and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Oil Additives Completely Eliminate Engine Knocking, or Are They Just a Temporary Fix?

Oil additives can help reduce engine knocking by improving lubrication and reducing friction. While they may provide temporary relief, addressing underlying issues like fuel quality or mechanical problems is crucial for a long-term solution.

Are Oil Additives Safe to Use With All Types of Engines, Including Older or High-Mileage Vehicles?

Yes, oil additives are generally safe for use with all types of engines, including older or high-mileage vehicles. However, it's crucial to follow manufacturer recommendations and choose high-quality additives to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

How Often Should Oil Additives Be Used in Order to Maintain Engine Performance and Reduce Knocking?

To maintain engine performance and reduce knocking, use oil additives regularly. Follow manufacturer recommendations for frequency. Consistent use can help protect your engine and keep it running smoothly. Check your vehicle's manual for specific guidelines.

Will Using Oil Additives Void My Vehicle's Warranty or Cause Any Potential Damage to the Engine?

Using oil additives may void your vehicle's warranty or potentially damage the engine. It's crucial to consult your owner's manual or a mechanic before adding any products to your oil to avoid unexpected issues.

Are There Any Specific Brands or Types of Oil Additives That Are Known to Be More Effective in Silencing Engine Knocking Than Others?

When it comes to silencing engine knocking, some brands or types of oil additives may prove more effective than others. Research and consult experts for recommendations to find the best match for your vehicle's needs.


In conclusion, choosing the right oil additive can help silence engine knocking and improve overall engine performance.

The Prolong Super Lubricants PSL11000, BG Advanced Formula MOA 115, REV X ZDDP, Archoil AR9100, and Motorkote Heavy Duty Hyper Lubricant are all great options to consider.

Remember to consider factors such as compatibility with your vehicle and the severity of the knocking when selecting the best oil additive for your engine.