How Adding Diesel Kleen to Your Diesel Fuel Will Help You Save Money

In recent times, the price of diesel gasoline has skyrocketed to all-time highs. Investing in a high-quality diesel fuel additive such as Diesel Kleen +Cetane Boost is one approach to save back on expenses. I’ll explain why.

Fuel Injectors, Both Clean and Dirty
Fuel injectors are prone to becoming clogged over time. After deposits have formed, the injector will become stuck, which will cause a disruption in the flow into the combustion chamber. In the event that the injector becomes stuck open, an excessive amount of fuel may be injected into the cylinder. This leads to a rise in emissions, a reduction in fuel efficiency, and an excessive loss of power. If the injector becomes stuck in the closed position, the engine will lose power and run roughly as a result of not receiving the necessary amount of gasoline. It is possible for external deposits to accumulate on the injector tip, which can restrict nozzle spray patterns and decrease the efficiency of combustion. Both High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) systems and older ones can benefit from using Diesel Kleen +Cetane Boost since it cleans dirty injectors and avoids injector sticking.

Boost Cetane Levels
When just a portion of the fuel is consumed during the combustion process, the fuel efficiency is negatively affected. The combustion process is aided by the presence of the high-energy molecule cethane. The cetane number in diesel fuel is a measurement of how easily it can be ignited; the greater the cetane number, the less time it takes for the fuel to ignite. Fuels with higher cetane values ignite more rapidly and burn more fully, which leads to engines that operate more smoothly and have less power lag, as well as fewer emissions, more power, and improved fuel efficiency. The cetane level may be increased by as much as six digits using Diesel Kleen’s +Cetane Boost. This is a huge improvement.

Improve Lubrication
Components in diesel engines are more likely to experience increased wear, early failure, and inefficiency if they are not adequately lubricated. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulated the use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel in 2006. Refiners utilize a procedure known as hydro-treating in order to strip diesel fuel of its sulfur and aromatic components. This method not only eliminates sulfur, but also a significant amount of nitrogen and polar molecules, both of which contribute significantly to diesel fuel’s inherent lubricating characteristics. Diesel Kleen +Cetane Boost offers the highest level of protection against the higher wear rates caused by ULSD, hence maximizing the vehicle’s overall performance. It protects the pumps and injectors.

The operation temperature of today’s fuel injection systems is quite high, which causes thermally unstable gasoline to get darker and build deposits that cause fuel filters to clog and injectors to become stuck. The production of asphaltenes has also been linked to prolonged storage periods as well as thermal instability. Extreme heat causes them to agglomerate and fall out of suspension, which leads to deposits on fuel-filters and soot on injectors. Extreme heat also causes soot to form. Diesel Kleen +Cetane Boost reduces filter blockage from asphaltenes. In addition to this, it guards against the accumulation of deposits that can clog fuel filters and injectors.

Our firm, which is owned by a third generation of veterans and is run by a family, has been producing the most technologically sophisticated diesel fuel additives since 1956. This has been made possible by our unwavering dedication to quality, honesty, and the continual improvement of our products. The one mission that consumes all of our time, effort, and resources is the treatment of diesel fuel. Improved engine performance all year long, trouble-free operation throughout the winter, and clean fuel tanks are all benefits provided by our comprehensive array of diesel fuel additives, which are leaders in their business.